Imitation may, in fact, be the highest form of flattery, but this is a concept with which I have struggled. I love compliments, of course, but I hate when they come in the form of identical matching outfits.

Spiritual Woes and Rubber Soles

I have one serious fear—well, phobia, to be accurate—in life: air travel. I fly in my dreams, in my meditations; heck, I love a nice free-fall on a roller coaster. But put me in a enclosed, cylindrical metal compartment with ginormous 2-ton wings and a few hundred people aboard, and I’m a complete wreck.

Meditation-the best way to change your (out)look

It's been written about time and time again over the past decade — how mediation actually changes the functioning of your brain; how it has the capability of making you happier, healthier, more focused, less stressed, and a good deal more aware of what truly matters in your life. Still, it bears repeating.

The Princess and the Path

So what the hell does this mean for my blog? It means that I plan to chronicle my devotion to the spiritual path, whilst honoring my love of the material world. Because I truly believe, that in one person’s struggle to find balance in life, many others can find it as well.