About Evan

At first glance, I don’t exactly scream “spiritual” girl. Sure, you might have a few ideas as to what religion I was born into because of some physical traits I display or the philosophies I currently adhere to because of the sandalwood beads I wear around my wrist, but you’d probably never guess that I am actually a deeply faithful, utterly devoted Yogini. Maybe the high-heeled, strappy platform stilettos threw you off? You know... not all yogis prefer to go barefoot.

And this is exactly the disparity that I have grappled with over the past few years: how can I call myself a true Yogini when some of the things I love so much are purely of this world? (You know, frivolous things—like bags, and shoes, and ass-flattering jeans). And then the answer came to me — in a meditation, of course.

I was born a human being (though I have been told I would make a good-looking elfin) and that means that material abundance is not antithetical to my existence, but is actually my birthright. And if you’re human — and I’m assuming that, if you’re reading this, you are — then it’s yours too.

My aim is balance. And this is ultimately what my blog is about: finding balance between those things in your life that seem utterly contradictory, but are really just facets of yourself that are to be embraced and celebrated.

As a Writer, Mommy, Seeker, Sculptor, Shopper, and avid Yogi, my focus is to find a balance between what’s meaningful and what’s material; what matters most and what’s just really, really pretty.

I hope that you’ll join me on my blog.  I promise, I won’t ask you to take your shoes off before entering.

BUY-O.  Um, I mean, BIO.

After graduating from UCLA with a BA in English and Creative Writing, Evan went on to become a certified yoga instructor and professional writer. She worked for Us Weekly, where she interviewed Brad Pitt, screamed “Who are you wearing?” to various starlets making their way down the red carpet, hung on set with George Clooney (true story), and enjoyed a plethora of exciting Hollywood adventures before finally dedicating herself to teaching yoga full-time.

As a yoga teacher, Evan has focused on teaching the ancient practice to children and teens.  In 2005, her first book “Um, Like, Om... A Girl Goddess’s Guide to Yoga” (Little, Brown 2005) was released and garnered a cult following of teenage girls all over the world.

She is currently awaiting word on the sale of her first work of young adult fiction; a nerve-wracking process which requires Evan to practice A LOT of yoga, meditation and just a bit of retail therapy lest she forget what really matters in life...

And what really matters to Evan are her family and friends. Evan spends every free moment with her beautiful and precocious 2 ½ year old daughter, Emerson Eden, teaching her downward-dog and attempting to convince her that leafy greens are equally as delicious as French fries and that the great outdoors is equally as exciting as watching Dora the Explorer on Nick Jr.