And when we feel as though we don't belong, how to do we deal with those feelings of loneliness or the perception of being on the outside? The recently minted experience of "FOMO" (or rather, fear of missing out) touches on this idea.

Seva Soul

The question: How May I Serve the World? has recently become central to my thinking. I'd like to think I've always been a generous person, but the overwhelming urge to GIVE has taken on a different quality of late.

Sole Surrender

I'm a boots girl.  Always have been and I'm pretty certain, always will be. There's something about a nice pair of sturdy soled moto kicks that pair equally well with worn in blues as they do with a silk maxi dress that I just can't resist.

Spirit & Sole On Retreat

The frantic pace of life, the constant technological advances, and an ever increasing pressure to perform on social media, often leads me (and most certainly others) to want to retreat-- to delve down deeply into the quiet space within