Sole Surrender

“Imitation is Suicide”
— from "Self Reliance," by Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have always loved this quote. Mostly because it underscored my own personal need to stand out as an individual; to pick and choose for myself; and to let it be known that I was unlike any other. Of course, we are all unlike any other—but this is not an idea that readily surfaces when it comes to the fashion world.

On the contrary, it seems that everyone is always trying to dress (and be like??) everyone else.

Now, I follow trends just like any other Jenny-on-the-block (I’m loving me some feather earrings right about now) and, I admit, periodically emulate the rich & famous (hey, I can’t help it if Vanessa Hudgens and I share a similar aesthetic), but I have always attempted to remain true to the most honest version of my Self and my personal concept of beauty.

Will she be just like me? (that's my girl... and her name is Emerson!)

Will she be just like me? (that's my girl... and her name is Emerson!)

Imitation may, in fact, be the highest form of flattery, but this is a concept with which I have struggled. I love compliments, of course, but I hate when they come in the form of identical matching outfits. To be fair, I do not think I am alone. Everyone prefers to be respected as an individual, unique and special in his/her own right. And because our outer appearance is ultimately an expression of our inner self, it’s important to know and honor just who that Self is... because not all selves are meant to wear skinny jeans. And that’s okay.

I’ll probably always be somewhat opposed to “group think” when it comes to fashion, but lately I’ve come to the realization that when someone chooses to emulate another person's stylistic choices, it’s simply a form of inspiration. And what is life without being INSPIRED, right? So if my choices inspire you, if Mary-Kate Olsen's inspire mine, so what? Fashion is art; and art is spirit; and spirit is nothing without inspiration.

No matter what we choose to wear or how we prefer to portray ourselves to the outside world, ultimately, we are who we are.  And that is that. Trying to pull off harem pants ain’t gonna change a darn thing about our personal truth.

And in effort to help free myself from my attachment to the fashion choices that have come to represent a unique brand of “me,” I’d like to share with you the labels of my most coveted pieces, thereby surrendering the source of my most exquisite soles (and other such personal delights).

My top three faves, in no particular order:

1. Natalie B. Jewelry

2. Calleen Cordero Shoes

3. Blue Life tees & Blu Moon skirts

So go ahead, jump on the fashion band-wagon every now and again. I do... and I still always remain undeniably ME.



Spiritual Woes and Rubber Soles

Spiritual Woes and Rubber Soles