Gabrielle Bernstein, motivational speaker, life coach and author, suggests holiday gift-giving tips that cost little, but give so much.

Summertime Sole-Seeking

You see, sometimes I get so caught up in what LOOKS GOOD that I forget about what FEELS GOOD.  And this summer, on a Cooper Family trip to Aspen, Colorado, I was reminded of what truly living life is all about. 

Beauty and the goes on and on

Why, after all of these years of dedicating myself to the spirit, to mind over matter, to the untouchable, indescribable reality of my Inner Being, do I still care so much about the illusory, ephemeral ever-changing impression of my Outer Self?

Shop Therapy

I’ve been pondering this discrepancy and how, whenever I get supremely stressed about the “things that matter,” I tend to default my energy towards the things that don’t.


Have you ever been called a “Princess”—you know, in a jokingly, but semi-derogatory way?

Imitation may, in fact, be the highest form of flattery, but this is a concept with which I have struggled. I love compliments, of course, but I hate when they come in the form of identical matching outfits.

Spiritual Woes and Rubber Soles

I have one serious fear—well, phobia, to be accurate—in life: air travel. I fly in my dreams, in my meditations; heck, I love a nice free-fall on a roller coaster. But put me in a enclosed, cylindrical metal compartment with ginormous 2-ton wings and a few hundred people aboard, and I’m a complete wreck.